Intoware's Annual KO Meeting

We managed to get most of the team together in January this year for our annual KickOff Meeting at the Ingenuity. A

As a large proportion of us are home-based it was a great opportunity for everyone to meet in person, see the new offices and to discuss and share our ideas and visions for where the company is heading over the next 12 months.

During the meeting, a few awards were presented to employees for their outstanding work over the past 12 months. Louise Chaston (Customer Experience) and Joe Thornton (Development) both won Coaches’ Player Awards and Alana Burton (Customer Experience) won the Player’s Player Award.  Many congratulations to all!

Our Core Values remain unchanged and we as a company all remain very focussed on ensuring that we continue to deliver them to all our customers, both existing and new:

  • Integrity - We do what we say, and we’re not afraid to say no
  • Ambitious - We create success for everybody we work with
  • Humble - We wouldn’t say we’re the best, but we’re in the top one
  • Innovative - We deliver today while building for tomorrow
  • Open - We listen because everyone is our partner
  • Creative - We are problem solvers. If there’s an issue. We’ll solve it

Our team at Intoware is growing!  We would like to extend a very warm welcome to Mark Hundley-Appleton who has just started as a Junior Software Engineer and also to Elenor Gordon who will be joining us next month as our new Marketing Manager!

It is safe to say that there are exciting times ahead here at Intoware… !


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