The Future of the Frontline Worker is Digital

How do you bring the frontline workforce into the digital workplace?

2020 was the year of the Frontline Worker, but where do we go from there?

During the pandemic, frontline industrial workers have been critical to maintaining our essential services, helping to keep the lights on at home and our supermarket shelves full. The need for fast and effective, collaborative communication for this workforce has never been greater. But most businesses have failed to solve the problem of how to bring the frontline workers into the digital workplace.

Estimated to make up approximately 80% of the workforce, frontline workers are the employees that are not confined to a desk for the majority of the working day – these are our field engineers, assembly line workers and offshore technicians that provide the very backbone to many businesses that have simply been forgotten in the new digital era.

But with Covid-19 having accelerated the digitalisation of work, the frontline experience has been brought into sharp focus. It has meant that instant, collaborative, safe and contactless working has never been more necessary. By empowering frontline workers in this way has become an essential part of ensuring they can do their jobs as well as possible, while maintaining efficient, cost effective and quality service.

In this whitepaper from digitalisation specialists Intoware in partnership with Realwear the maker of wearable computers for industry, we will explore how businesses are enhancing the frontline experience long after the pandemic has ended through digital workflow instructions integrated with wearable computers featuring augmented reality (AR) for improved productivity, safety and job satisfaction.


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