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Our advanced technological solutions focus on the evolution of human and business processes within complex industries. Our intuitive tools for mobile desktop and wearable devices to ensure that people, processes and data are always connected in order to drive continuous improvement and enhance workplace innovation.

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Intoware has developed WorkfloPlus, a suite of products that enables businesses in complex industries to digitise critical processes and eliminate paper. Our easy to use app combined with our online management portal is a simple and powerful way to manage your business’ processes and workflow in order to improve data capture and quality, enhance traceability, improve information accessibility, and increase efficiency and productivity.

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Eliminate paper. Empower your workforce. Gain greater insight.

WorkfloPlus converts existing paper-based and human work process into easy to follow, step-by-step digital work instructions accessible via desktop, mobile & wearable computing devices.

Increase efficiency

WorkfloPlus reduces the time it takes to carry out work processes by digitizing information capture and reporting

Eliminate paper

Paper-based processes difficult to audit, can be easily lost or damaged, and are very inefficient and difficult to analyse. WorkfloPlus makes paper a thing of the past

Real-time insight

See in real-time whether tasks have been carried out correctly, and quickly identify potential productivity bottlenecks and hazards
Home Intoware

Boost the productivity of your workforce

WorkfloPlus’ real-time data capture, easy to use reporting tools and an intuitive yet powerful dashboard make it the perfect software solution for businesses that are serious about increasing efficiency – and their bottom line

  • Intuitive graphical user interface
  • Capture and share video, photos, documents and audio recordings
  • Works across PC, Laptop, mobile and wearables
  • High degree of customisation
  • Powerful data visualisation tools

our customers

Find out how Carrio Cabling is using WorkfloPlus

Colorado-based Carrio Cabling wanted to improve the efficiency of its assembly lines. It found that was just one of the benefits of WorkfloPlus.

“We quickly found using WorkfloPlus to have big benefits over the old paper-based processes.”

See how WorkfloPlus can transform your business

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