The Connected Workforce

How digitalisation can drive more collaborative working.

What is connected working?

Connected working takes advantage of the latest technologies to not only improve industrial process efficiencies, but also increase profits and boost productivity.

"More and more businesses are becoming aware of the value of a truly connected workforce that has access to the latest technology at their fingertips, driving efficiency and productivity while also ensuring compliance with industry rules and regulations." Keith Tilley, CEO of Intoware

Discover the key steps to consider before embarking on a digital transformation journey, from identifying the key problems and bottlenecks within the business, through to testing the new ways of working on a small scale before scaling up.

Businesses need to ensure they’ve got the right systems in place to connect their teams and work effectively. Being able to keep pace with new changes and regulations as they happen and not relying on outdated paper-based processes that can often hamper productivity and impact negatively on both the employee and the customer experience.

Including customer case studies and Intoware team insights, the e-book is an essential read for any decision maker looking to create a more connected workforce through digital transformation.

Download our latest eBook to ensure connected working success.


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