Staying Connected in a Crisis

Staying Connected In A Crisis. Why collaborative industrial working is here to stay!

Keeping Your Front-line Workers Safe, While Maintaining Quality

Are your front-line workers struggling in the face of demand for social distancing and remote working brought on by the COVID-19 crisis? As we navigate our way through the second wave and adapt to the ‘new normal’, it’s clear that many businesses need to explore fresh ways of working to improve productivity and safeguard workers.

This eBook from workflow automation specialists Intoware, shows you how connected working takes advantage of the latest wearable technologies to improve industrial process efficiencies, increase profits and ensure your staff remain safe and socially distanced. So, what is connected working?

A connected worker strategy joins legacy systems and new digital technologies such as Cloud, AI, sensors, smart phones, tablets and wearables so front-line industrial workers have the right information they need to do their jobs effectively. It empowers them by providing them with step-by-step digital workflow instructions and access to live video, audio and photos which they can share with colleagues back at HQ or elsewhere to help get problems solved instantly.

The disruption from COVID-19 has meant that many businesses have fewer staff, so it’s only those that operate machinery or maintain safe operations that are on site, the rest work remotely. Some businesses have already started to experience the benefits connected working can offer, while many more are just beginning their journey. This eBook explains what you need to consider for connected working success, as Intoware shares its insights from the very forefront of this trend that’s very much here to stay.


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