2024 and beyond

What does the future hold for WorkfloPlus according to Sean Hennelly, Intoware's COO?

It’s been a very busy time for Intoware as we continue to develop the WorkfloPlus platform to provide fantastic value to our user community, providing our customers with the best-in-class solution to drive efficiency, compliance and enabling data-driven decision making.

Our latest platform, WorkfloPlus v3 has unlocked new ways of working and greater flexibility for our customers than ever before. WorkfloPlus can now handle massive complex projects and programmes, breaking them down into organised sub-processes. It also provides much greater visibility of the audit trail, improved scheduling tools and much more.

So, what's next for WorkfloPlus?

V3 Native Apps

WorkfloPlus v3 is released and in full swing, providing a centralised web-based platform. This allows WorkfloPlus to be run on any device with a web browser, whether that’s desktop, tablet, mobile or even wearable devices.

Our next step is to strengthen WorkfloPlus V3 further with native app versions for iOS, Android and wearable devices, to enhance usability and connectivity. While WorkfloPlus web works fully offline, having native apps will allow WorkfloPlus to be used in the most disconnected and difficult environments with total reliability.

Elevated Integration Capabilities with Enhanced API

We have also been working tirelessly behind the scenes to enhance WorkfloPlus’ API capabilities. This new robust API offers a simpler way to integrate WorkfloPlus with various third-party systems and tools to provide unparalleled connectivity, automation and scalability. It will become much easier for customers to tailor how WorkfloPlus works alongside their existing systems to streamline their operations even further.

Key Benefits the future WorkfloPlus Enhancements:

  • Streamlined Integration: Seamlessly connect WorkfloPlus with your existing software ecosystem for enhanced productivity.
  • Enhanced Performance: Enjoy a faster, more responsive experience for smoother workflow navigation.
  • Customisation and Scalability: Adapt WorkfloPlus to meet your evolving business needs effortlessly.
  • Reliability and Security: Rest assured with reinforced reliability and security measures for your data.

What's Next?

As we move into 2024, we invite you to stay tuned for an unparalleled experience in workflow management. Expect a more intuitive interface, enhanced performance, and seamless integrations, all aimed at driving efficiency within your operations.

We're excited about the future and we're here to make sure you get the most from your investment to maximise its potential for your business. Feel free to reach out to our team to learn more about the upcoming release and how it can benefit your specific workflows.


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