Intoware dials up expert connection with ‘Live Phonebook’ functionality

The latest Live Phonebook function provides a list of remote-based experts who are ready and available to assist.

Intoware Ltd, has added a new Live Phonebook function to its flagship product WorkfloPlus, allowing frontline workers to contact expert support through their wearable devices, completely hands-free, using voice control.

The new capability means workers using the software can see a live list of remote-based experts who are ready and available to help them, there and then.

It allows the user to contact the expert directly – wherever they are in the world - and share data, images and video to get assistance with tasks or processes.

The function has been developed by Simply Video – one of Intoware’s partners.

Keith Tilley, Chief Executive at Intoware, said:

“We’re really excited to unveil the new Live Phonebook function, allowing workforces to connect with experts remotely, much quicker than before.

Alex Deighton, Chief Executive Officer at Simply Video said:

“It has been fantastic to work with Intoware to develop our Live Phonebook feature that further cements our commitment to keeping frontline workers connected, whilst providing utility and enhancing the user experience for other innovative solutions like WorkfloPlus.”
“During the digital workflow process, employees may need support or advice at any given stage. So, to be able to see exactly which experts orsupport team members are available to help, at the press of a button, is invaluable.
“It means businesses can further streamline their operation and less time is spent by team members waiting for call-backs from support or worse – not getting through at all.”


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