At the heart of digital transformation is compliance

Discover how to manage risk and regulatory compliance through digitalisation.

Digital automation not only represents the future in technology, but it also offers deeper insights for critical areas of business such as freeing up more time for a workforce and, most importantly, managing compliance requirements.

Intoware will be exhibiting at DTX Europe, a digital transformation expo, which will take place from 4-5 October 2023 at Excel London to explain more about how digital workflow software can solve your compliance headaches.

The event gathers creative minds, technical experts and the tools needed to drive change across organisations, as the rapid pace of change and evolution continues in the tech landscape.

 2023’s theme: balancing risk with reward

The theme for 2023’s DTX Europe is ‘Preparing for the new realm: balancing risk with reward’. This ties in seamlessly with Intoware’s latest industry eBook unveiled in September– ‘Digitalisation: The Key to Compliance’ –  a guide which offers useful information to companies looking for ways to better manage risk and regulatory compliance through digitalisation.

The publication outlines the role of digitalisation when it comes to compliance and risk management, and highlights the ways digital transformation can improve transparency, reduce protocol errors and notify the workforce of changes in regulatory requirements.

Keith Tilley, CEO of Intoware, explains more. “Compliance is at the top of the agenda for many organisations right now, from manufacturing and utilities through to transport and the MRO (maintenance, repair and overhaul) sector.

“Regulatory requirements are only expected to increase in the coming years, especially as sustainability efforts increase and become further legislated, and we know from our conversations with companies that many are already feeling over whelmed.

“Outdated paper-based systems still exist as a way of managing compliance requirements within many organisations, but they carry the risk of information going missing and increase the chances of workers deviating from established protocols, especially when updates are issued or new requirements come into effect.

“Industry needs to keep pace and speed up the process of moving towards digital, with more efficient systems that can manage and maintain the increasing amount of compliance and regulation that is facing companies not just today, but in the future.”

Our flagship product:WorkfloPlus

WorkfloPlus is a SaaS platform created to enable businesses to digitise processes and tasks across industrial operations, converting them from paper to be accessible via mobile, tablet, wearable technology and desktop devices.

Though moving to digitalised systems can feel daunting for some companies at first, when implemented correctly, the benefits are enormous and transformational for internal processes. Accountability, traceability and transparency increase, audit trails are much easier managed and maintained, and reporting capabilities are transformed in the touch of a button.

The key however, is that organisations need to seek out providers that are themselves compliant with the latest security requirements. They also need to put their workforce at the heart of any changes, because they are the people who know and understand the organisation’s workflows, inside out. Keeping a focus on people while improving these systems can future proof the way operations are carried out.

To find out more about Intoware and our flagship product, come and visit us on stand M34b at DTX Europe.

For further information and to download the new compliance eBook click here.


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