An Epic Health and Safety Inspection Saga

So how did Vikings carry out Health & Safety Inspections?

As a large proportion of the Intoware team are home-based it was great to get (most of us) together recently for an epic adventure!

And, as a result we’ve solved the age old question of…

How did Vikings carry out Health & Safety Inspections?

The answer is - with WorkfloPlus and a little assistance from Realwear technology.

So, step into our Viking realm where axes fly and WorkfloPlus rules, by:

  • Ensuring that all the Vikings have the correct PPE before they can proceed - reminding all that vigilance is timeless.
  • The collision of Viking bravery and modern technology resolves any concerns for safety – whether flinging axes or capturing hazards.
  • Wearable devices don’t just record axes in flight, but also capture the battle cries - for a 100% accurate record of the inspection.


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