RealWear's Longest Standing Partnership

Get The Most Of Your RealWear device with WorkfloPlus - developed with wearable technology in mind

Get the most out of your RealWear wearable device with WorkfloPlus

Developed for wearable technology

Since launch we have been designing our software to enhance RealWear's wearable devices. We’ve optimised WorkfloPlus following RealWear’s comprehensive guidelines to ensure a great user experience with integrations and auto reporting, barcode scanning and remote expert solutions to create an unmatched hands free experience.

Much more than a digital solution

WorkfloPlus is the SaaS mobile first designed workflow automation to convert and enhance existing paper-based, human processes into easy to follow, step-by-step digital work instructions. Powerful features such as steps with images and detailed guides for users, Remote expert at any stage, Non-linear or Linear process flows, and fast voice to text dictation ensure a brilliant user experience. Combining with the benefits of RealWear devices to make a safe handsfree experience, we offer you enhanced Productivity, Simplicity, Connectivity and Accountability

“RealWear and Intoware have partnered to develop a premiere hands-free digital workflow solution 100% optimized for voice that will help reduce errors on the job while maintaining full situational awareness. Together we’re transforming the industrial workforce while enabling data-driven continuous improvement.” Chris Parkinson, CTO of RealWear

A feature rich solution

Being RealWear’s longest serving partner we’ve ensured that we’ve built WorkfloPlus to compliment all the brilliant features of and get the absolute most out of the product. An intrinsically safe voice-controlled device with a micro-display that shows an image to a user as if they were viewing a seven-inch screen.

And now there's the option to include a Thermal Camera Module to further enhance your Navigator 500's usability. The dual-camera unit includes both the standard 48MP sensor, and athermal sensor. With the ability to switch seamlessly between the visible spectrum and infrared it enables you to capture the heat signature of the surrounding environment. Connect the Thermal Camera Module toyour RealWear Navigator 500 Assisted Reality device to provide an unrivalled hands-free experience.

WorkfloPlus features:

  • Create a digital record of every action & input.
  • Photo & Video capture & Voice to Text input.
  • Present tech diagrams or animations in steps.
  • Remote expert integration - Call your remote mentor directly from your workflow. (Librestream, MPH, Simply Video, Teams)
  • Pause & Reassign jobs.
  • Integrated reports, save time & never write a report again.
  • Build data dashboards. (such as Microsoft PowerBI)

RealWear Navigator 500 features:

  • 100% Hands Free Voice based operating system
  • Intrinsically safe. Approved for ATEX & IECEx Zone 1 & CSA C1-D1
  • Unmatched Noise Cancellation Four digital microphones
  • Audio Integrated speaker and 3.5mm audio jack for use with hearing protection
  • Water Resistant & Dust Tight, IP66
  • Built Rugged Fully operational from -20° C to +50° C MIL-STD-810G
  • Full Shift Internal Battery 8-10 hours

How Much Will You Save/Gain?

  • Step by Step guides help avoid errors - Reducing time to complete by 25%
  • Same team, same time, over 3x inspections – Productivity gain > 250%
  • Improve Process change over - Reduce downtime, improve output, live audit trail
“Our ongoing partnership with RealWear ensures that the connected worker can be at the forefront of driving productivity and provide real ROI benefits - WorkfloPlus is THE original ‘designed for Realwear devices’ workflow solution. The combination is already driving over 250% productivity improvements to one of our mutual customers” Keith Tilley, CEO of Intoware

Now introducing the Navigator™ 520

The all new HyperDisplay in RealWear Navigator 520 swaps out the Core Display in standard definition (SD) found in RealWear Navigator™ 500, offering a 20% larger high definition (HD) screen in 720p with twice the pixels, an eye box that is 5X larger, and improved eye relief (the maximum distance your eye can be from the display to view the content easily).

Built for Productivity. Designed for Safety.

Full-Shift, Hands-Free Use - Work comfortably all day with a full-shift battery. Keep your hands free and your vision unobstructed for maximum safety.

Revolutionary Modular Design - Expand your functionality and tackle even more issues using accessories such as our Thermal Camera Module.

Enhanced Remote Collaboration - Harness the power of over 200 voice-optimized apps to improve productivity, save travel costs, and reduce equipment downtime.

Secure and Seamless - Get your devices deployed easily and managed securely with the support of RealWear Cloud and MDMs such as Microsoft Intune.

Navigator 500 v Navigator 520

Experience better Viewability

Longer Eye Relief - With longer eye relief, you can position the display farther from your eye to see the screen more easily.

Larger Eye Box - With a larger eye box, you can more easily find the perfect viewing angle.

Higher Resolution - Get sharper visuals and better color reproduction from a larger High Definition display.

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