How To Unlock The Value In Data

How To Unlock The Value In Data. Making the most of industrial data insights for future growth.

What Is A Data-Led Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation has been on the agenda for many businesses over the last 5-10 years; while some have had great success, others have found their initiatives simply peter out. Often this is down to implementing tech for tech’s sake, without setting clear objectives or even expectations as to what it should deliver.

A data-led digital transformation puts data at the very heart of the digital journey, it both defines where and why the business should look to transform and is responsible for most of the value gained from the transformation, as it brings data analytics, people and business processes all together.

If ever there was a time for businesses to commit to digital transformation - it’s right now. Surviving the difficult economic climate brought about by the pandemic and the continuing uncertainty requires the flexibility to manage change. Successful digital transformation allows for quicker, mobile collaborative working - a vital component for the future of work, where the right tools are used to achieve business goals.

Despite this, beginning the digital journey still remains a challenge for many businesses. A recent study by McKinsey & Company found that ‘84% of executives agreed innovation was important for their growth, but only 6% were satisfied with their company performance.’ Some confuse innovation with simply creating something new, others don’t know how to deliver added value from data or digital transformation.

Getting started on digital transformation can be difficult, many count themselves out from the need to embrace it or they don’t know how to select the right tools or approaches because it feels like a large upfront investment is needed. But for those that do take the opportunity to unlock the benefits it provides, by changing how they work and using data to enable better decision-making - it will help them stay ahead of the competition.

So, whether you are looking to start your digital transformation from scratch or wanting to build on existing efforts, digital workflow specialists Intoware have developed this eBook to explain why data needs to lead your strategy and why obtaining the right data is the key to future success.

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