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Centranz bolsters sales success thanks to WorkfloPlus by Intoware

One of the world’s leading drivetrain component remanufacturers has surpassed its sales goals, exceeding its targets consistently since introducing WorkfloPlus

One of the world’s leading drivetrain component remanufacturers has surpassed its sales goals, exceeding its targets consistently since introducing Intoware’s WorkfloPlus digital workflow software in December 2021.

Centranz, which specialises in remanufacturing transmissions for off-highway equipment including CAT, Volvo, ZF, Allison, Funk and Fuji, introduced WorkfloPlus in a bid to simplify and streamline its failure reporting process.

WorkfloPlus is used by the Centranz team during the evaluation of component failures, when they completely disassemble and clean transmissions to properly identify the root cause of a failure, and potential future failures.

During this process the team captures the details of failures and communicates their findings back to the company’s customers through a failure analysis report that includes detailed descriptions as well as images/video that identify problems and clarify solutions.

Previously, this process was done using pencil and paper illustrations, photos taken on mobile phones, verbally over the phone or via email.

Now, however, Centranz employees can keep their reporting consistent and clear, as David Crowther, sales representative at Centranz, explains:

“Now, with WorkfloPlus, we’re able to put all our findings into one format, with pictures and descriptions of each image of the failures, in one file which can be shared with our customers.

"Rather than an email with descriptions of the failures within, and sending randompictures, everything is condensed within this file for your product that helps the customer get a bigger picture and a better understanding of what all our team’s findings entail.

“It’s a simplified process that has helped all aspects here within Centranz, for us to communicate properly and professionally with our customers on a much higher level compared to the way we were doing things.”

The results of simplifying this communication process between Centranz and its customers have been clear, with the company surpassing its sales goals in each of the three quarters since implementing WorkfloPlus in December 2021.

“Since this is now an official part of our evaluation process, and more seamless than pen to paper, the number of completed failure reports has increased 60% vs last year. Additionally, our sales team report that the software has greatly aided their efforts in closing jobs with a lot of hard part damage that will incur additional cost.”

Keith Tilley, CEO, Intoware comments "It is great to see the real benefits that Centranz are achieving since implementing WorkfloPlus. We find that Inspections & Quality Control are one of the major areas of adoption for WorkfloPlus and it is great to have that further validated by Centranz."

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