Why Is Disconnected Data Holding Your Business Back?

Decision making is an important activity at the centre of every industrial business, powering efficiencies, compliance and growth.

Decision making is an important activity at the centre of every industrial business, whether it’s deciding on how many products to manufacture, which countries to export to or the number of staff to deploy out in the field to maintain critical industrial assets – it all helps to power business efficiencies, compliance and growth.

The business landscape has changed dramatically since the pandemic, with companies having to navigate supply chain uncertainty, rising raw material costs, rapid changes in customer demands and for the manufacturing sector in particular, a growing skills ‘gap’. In the face of these uncertainties, being able to respond quickly and accurately is critical not only to competitiveness, but survival. Having an effective digital strategy in place that delivers actionable insights is the key to mitigating these disruptions, with trustworthy data becoming the new currency in today’s increasingly digital marketplace.

So, the aim of this survey commissioned by digital workflow leader, Intoware is to better understand to what degree industrial businesses are data-informed? According to the Data Literacy Index, ‘to enable the democratisation of data to help businesses boost productivity, they must improve access, skills and the culture around data’, so it’s these themes we have taken to provide the basis of this survey.

Businesses were asked if they see data as an asset, what the current challenges are to accessing data, how confident they are using digital ‘tools’ and whether their work culture is driven by data or intuition and finally, their plans to invest in data skills? With the aim of helping more businesses meet the challenge of becoming truly data-informed, so they can discover how to make the most of their data insights.

Intoware commissioned this independent survey from Surveygoo, of 1,030 UK based industrial businesses that includes senior decision makers, managers, supervisors, frontline, IT and administration staff from the utilities, oil and gas, manufacturing, civil engineering, rail and transport and logistics sectors. With businesses sized from 1 to 5,000+ employees the research was conducted on the 28th February to 3rd March 2022.

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