Intoware Launches Customer Reporting Tool

Intoware the workflow specialist has launched a powerful custom reporting ‘tool’ for its automation platform.

Intoware the workflow specialist has launched a powerful custom reporting ‘tool’ for its automation platform, WorkfloPlus that allows bespoke data reports to be created and shared to help streamline plant safety, compliance and save time.

All businesses work in their own unique way, there is no standard approach and no single solution that works perfectly. This is why Intoware has built a new custom feature for its automation platform, WorkfloPlus, so users can create tailored reports which means the data is always 100 per cent relevant to their needs.

WorkfloPlus guides users through business processes from beginning to end, replacing paper-driven processes and executing them across systems and people, managing tasks and data capture output for continual data analytics to drive improvements. But if you are the H&S manager requiring safety analytics from an inspection, accessing specific data from a ‘one size fits all’ report can be time-consuming. Intoware’s custom reporting ‘tool’ helps solve this problem by providing analytics that is only as detailed as the user requires.

Sean Hennelly, chief operations officer, Intoware, explains: “Customised reporting helps to streamline key performance processes, rather than giving users standard report data. It allows them greater flexibility instead as they can extract what they need from the custom reports and share this data in a range of outputs including, PDF, Excel, MS Word that is automatically emailed to the rest of the team. “When working offshore for example, staff complete digital forms on their mobile app that replicate the paper forms they’re already familiar with. They can quickly select the task to be executed such as an inspection of a specific component, it could be one of over 600,000 components on an oil rig and have instant access to workflow data from previous inspections. “A step-by-step guide takes the user through the selection of the right safety equipment or PPE that is required for the inspection and when the job is finished, they can take a photo for audit trail purposes. “If a component were to be found faulty, a new branch of workflow data is created in WorkfloPlus, triggering another maintenance job, this data is captured and synced with the server – so the entire process helps saves time and effort, reducing the opportunity for error.”

WorkfloPlus with custom reporting helps create a quicker, more connected workplace for safety-critical environments that want to achieve greater process efficiencies and reduce costs.


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