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How to scale your “SaaS” digital workflow project for success

Having launched your pilot project it’s now time to scale up, which may mean that you need to do more than simply replicate what’s gone before.

Here Alana Burton, Head of Customer Experience at Intoware explains why their customer onboarding will ensure that your digital workflow investment works at scale – in the final blog of our three-part CX series.

The ultimate aim of our customer onboarding experience (CX) at Intoware is to help our customers achieve their business goals. This starts with a thorough customer onboarding process, that helps ensure strong adoption of our digital work-instruction ‘tool’, WorkfloPlus. Which has been developed to improve process efficiency and provide ‘real-time’ data insights to accelerate business reporting in industrial settings.

Although we know that upscaling a pilot project is the obvious next step, there is a lot of evidence that shows that a successful project doesn’t always lead to a great deployment as you may no longer have a hand-picked team that are invested in success. Introducing new tech to further teams can present fresh challenges as they may fall back into old work habits to get the job done. So how can businesses ensure success?

To help keep things on track we regularly conduct business reviews that look at what’s worked, what hasn’t and what’s been delivered. It allows us to discuss what WorkfloPlus can do better to meet their individual needs, so we can help put in place a new roadmap to deliver and sustain new digital projects.

Businesses which are able to reap the benefits of digitalisation tend to be those that have clear goals, so they are not just looking at the technology itself, but what they want to achieve from it? They also recognise that digitalisation is not a giant leap, but a series of small steps with a long-term focus.

WorkfloPlus integration with third party platforms

Another challenge for customers is understanding how digital workflows integrate with their existing systems? As WorkfloPlus is unlikely to be the only digital ‘tool’ within their business, there’s a good chance that the work being carried out using WorkfloPlus is either initiated or takes some context from information within other ‘tools’.

Built with open API’s WorkfloPlus connects easily with third-party systems such as ERP, PRM, CRM and asset management so data can flow easily. This means asset inspections can be carried out as a workflow then when completed the data is formatted to satisfy a required system such as IBM Maximo or SAP, which in turn allows for documents to be easily extracted and converted to complete routine tasks.

Business health metrics

Our thorough customer onboarding process not only means knowing customers’ goals and what they expect to achieve from WorkfloPlus, it’s also about the data and onboarding metrics that we have on their behaviours or interactions that will give us fresh insights as to how to create and continue to deliver an onboarding experience that means the most to them.

These are some of the things that we look at to make sure that you’re still on track:

  • Are they using the platform as a whole?
  • What is the product uptake?
  • How often are customers logged on?
  • How long do they stay logged on?
  • How many features are they exploring and what’s most popular?
  • Are they using the latest features?

We are always looking for important opportunities to connect with customers and create an experience customers expect. It is a continuous process, which is why we track and measure it, if we don’t know where we are succeeding, we risk failure. It also means we’d miss opportunities to enhance our process further still.

Knowledge base

Although we pride ourselves on our personalised onboarding approach, at the deployment stage some customers prefer the self-service option, which means they can get support when they need it. They can either request a support ticket, so they don’t even need to pick up the phone or go to our WorkfloPlus Knowledge Base which provides a wealth of training videos and articles so they can make the most of their digital experience with us.

But our approach remains the same, its always human, we take the time to get to know our customers’ issues, understanding their end-point and working backwards from there. Customer onboarding helps to speed-up their digital journey, and WorkfloPlus is constantly evolving based on their feedback as we aim to always add value, which is why we have an SLA of 98%.

The Made Smarter Review recently estimated that UK industry could achieve a 25% increase in productivity through digital adoption by 2025. The chance to capitalise on opportunities that help improve your operational efficiencies and competitiveness through the adoption of digital ‘tools’ like WorkfloPlus is one that should not be missed.

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