CEO Welcome Spring Newsletter

Keith Tilley, CEO, Intoware welcomes you to the Spring 2023 Newsletter

Welcome to Intoware’s Spring 2023 Newsletter, I am writing this after we've just crowned a new King in the UK. While there has been no change of Prime Minister since I last wrote to you (hopefully not before publishing either), there has been a significant increase in the use of workflows. Intoware has seen a near 100% increase in monthly completed workflows as we entered 2023 - and it shows no sign of slowing down. 

More of you are seeing the benefits that WorkfloPlus can bring to your business through Productivity, Accountability, Connectivity and Simplicity - all helping your connected workforce and giving you the ability to make data-informed decisions.

It is great to see the product helping across a number of industries - whether out on an oil rig in the North Sea, a factory in Luxembourg, building sites throughout the UK or even helping get rid of headaches. The latter in assisting at a manufacturing plant for tablets. WorkfloPlus is being used in everyday areas - Every Day!

In my last note I expected us to have a hectic end to the year - which is pretty much what happened and the start has been no different with greater opportunities opening up. I hope your 2023 has been just as rewarding. I would like to thank those customers who not only have renewed with us but are taking long term 3 year contracts as they deploy further in their businesses and understand the long term, as well as short term benefit of the solution.

So what’s in this newsletter?

  • A focus on the importance we place on the UX
  • Our latest eBook in the importance of Digitisation in the MRO Sector
  • Employee spotlight is on Louise - part of our Customer Success team
  • We take a look at what our partner Realwear has done in its latest launch
  • A look at the ways WorkfloPlus can help Health & Safety practices

And more!

We look forward to giving you more updates throughout 2023, and in the meantime enjoy the read.

As always, we welcome any feedback on the Newsletter or Intoware so please feel free to email us or give us a call on 0115 9778969 to hear a friendly voice.

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