What's New With WorkfloPlus - Release Updates

We’ve been busy over at Intoware HQ - Nuova caratteristica or should we say new feature alert!!

The WorkfloPlus app now supports new languages including Italian, French, German, Portuguese, Chinese, Polish, and Spanish!

And we’re not the only ones…

RealWear Release 12 For Android 10

In March this year, our partners at RealWear took the  HMT-1 hands-free wearable device to the next level when they released their version 12 firmware on Android 10. With this release came some great improvements including:

Android 10 – As part of RealWear’s ongoing commitment to long product life cycles, RealWear’s device firmware and native applications have been upgraded to Android 10.

Enhanced Video Stabilisation – Improved platform level software image stabilisation resulting in better stabilisation of content captured in My Camera and stabilised remote mentor video feeds from third-party applications without any additional work required by the app developers.

Improved Cloud Dictation – A new cloud dictation engine for RealWear’s speech keyboard that delivers more accurate, responsive and grammatically correct results.

(NOTE: Cloud dictation engine changeover occurs on 4/1. If a user attempts to use cloud dictation at or after 4/1, simply upgrade to resolve the issue!)

Improved Security – Android security patches from August 1 – January 31, 2021 have been integrated into the RealWear device firmware.

New Dutch Language Support – Dutch becomes RealWear’s 15th supported language with full language translation and cloud dictation.

Helpful Bug Fixes – Bug fixes and minor enhancements are incorporated.

RealWear Explorer - To avoid any interoperability issues between RealWear devices on Release 12 and RealWear Explorer, be sure to upgrade to RealWear Explorer 4.2.1, which is now available here.

You can find out more about this release by checking out Realwears blog post.

As one of the top applications for HMT, we of course made sure that WorkflowPlus was ready for this update ahead of time and made our own release in March to support the HMT Release 12 and ensure compatibility and continuation of service. To ensure you are running the latest version of WorkfloPlus on the HMT, head to settings on your device and make sure you are on version 2.13 or above.

You can find all of our new features detailed in our release notes in our knowledge base, head across now to find out all of the updates made to WorkfloPlus.


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