Stop Press - Finalist In Computing Awards

Intoware with our partner Petrofac are excited that we have been chosen as a finalist in the Computing AI & Machine Learning Awards 2021.

The category that we have achieved this in is “Best Use of Automation”. This criteria for this section was;

“ Automation is essential in businesses large or small, freeing staff up to focus on added-value tasks while also removing complexity and modernising or replacing legacy tools. This award will go to the project that has made a significant difference in a company's efficiency, ability to perform and/or mode of operation. Providing details on RoI or other quantifiable benefits is encouraged”

The work undertaken with Petrofac has combined the use of digital twin and wearable technology alongside WorkfloPlus Oil and Gas - resulting in digitalisation of more than 1,500 North Sea inspections and driving up a 200 per cent increase in offshore productivity. Clearly ticking all the boxes for the criteria and we look forward to hearing the results on Weds 9th June.

At this stage just being a finalist in the awards feels like a win in itself.


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