Release News! Data Collections, Custom Report Designer & More

We’ve been very busy over the last few months preparing some exciting new features and upgrades to WorkfloPlus.

On the mobile side, we have released updated apps for Android, iOS, and the Realwear HMT.

You can now use Markdown in your workflow descriptions to make the content more flexible, and also use dynamic content to respond to user input during the workflow, changing the content of workflow steps based on the actions of the user.


A number of you have asked for this, so we’re pleased to say that we’ve also added photo annotations (on Android and iOS) so that users in the field can now take a photo and then mark it up with any information required.

Additionally, we’ve added a new feature to WorkfloPlus called ‘Data Collections’. This allows you to upload sets of tabular data to WorkfloPlus, which are synced down to your users. You can then dynamically pull up data from these collections within your workflows. For example, if you wanted to pull up specific up-to-date records of equipment based on a selection made by the user, you can now do that.


We didn’t stop there. We’ve also released an entirely new customised reporting and triggers system. You can now build custom report templates using HTML/CSS and with your own custom dynamic content. This can be as simple as adding your company logo, or you can build an entirely new template. If you only want to pull in step data based on user input, you can now do that too. You can also control who gets which reports and run multiple reports for each job. Speaking of triggers, you can now set up complex HTML-based triggers and fully test them inside of WorkfloPlus.

Visit our Knowledge Base to find out more about these exciting new additions, and as always, get in touch with us if you have any questions.


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