Professional Services in Customer Success

The role of professional services in customer success is growing. Customer success (or as we call it, customer experience) is a key focus of everything we do.

We want our customers and partners to get the most out of our WorkfloPlus product, maximise value early on in their journey, and access the support they need easily.

WorkfloPlus is very much designed as a platform, made up of a series of tools that make it easy for our customers to embark on their digitisation journey. Typically, our customers are undergoing significant operational changes. The pathway from completing inspections, quality checks and maintenance activities on paper to using new digital tools can be daunting. Our professional services team are here to make this journey easy and simple, and to provide ongoing support to ensure that our customers continue to maximise their return on investment using our solution.

So, what does our professional services team typically deliver for our customers?

The range of services can vary widely, from helping our customers to convert their processes into a digital format, creating customised reporting outputs, outputting and visualising data, integrating existing systems such as an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system or a Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS) system, to full bespoke development.

The key with all of these services is that it is possible to do all of these things using our tools in WorkfloPlus, so our professional services offering is about providing help and support where our customers need it most.

“We’re here when you need us”

Intoware offers a very flexible approach to support our customers. Going through a formal scoping and quotation process, raising a Purchase Order, etc. takes time and can make it difficult for our customers to quickly get projects moving and to get rapid support for smaller requirements in particular. Also, we understand that customers do not always know exactly what they need up front, and they need us to respond and offer/create a solution to those needs as they arise.

“How can we help?”

To respond to customers' varied requirements we are now offering a much more flexible ‘retained support’ model.

Some of our customers need very little support, choosing to use the tools to manage their own workflows, reports, integrations and more. Our product makes this perfectly possible. Others want increased levels of support so that they do not have to administer the system themselves. Some just want help getting set up and deploying, and then are happy to look after themselves. It’s important that we cater for all.

Using an agile approach, we can provide the right level of support to ensure that our customers can pick up the phone and get the help they need, whether that’s building new workflows, creating reports, setting up new visualisations of data, and more. We’re here to help get you up and running and reach your success criteria as early as possible!


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