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Customer Spotlight - Pirie and Smith

Established and Headquartered in Aberdeen, Scotland, Pirie & Smith has been providing specialist marine support since 1904, and now turn to digitalisation...

Pirie & Smith have a long and established history of providing independent marine consultancy to clients globally, including leading Insurers, Banks, Vessel Owners, Charterers and Operators.

Pirie & Smith have continued to deliver advice and support to a range of clients, tapping into the extensive experience across the business, utilising the skills and knowledge of their  team of Specialist Surveyors and Marine Engineers, furthering the service offering with the introduction of a Dynamic Positioning (“DP”) Capability.

DP services are performed on a worldwide basis, with established centres in the UK, France, USA, Nigeria and UAE. In 2020 Pirie & Smith embarked on a journey to digitise their paper based audit and inspection services with the aim of not only saving time but also capturing real time data outputs and choose WorkfloPlus as their provider for this.

With over 20 workflows they were awarded the DigitalBoost Development Grant which is funded by The Scottish Government to help businesses become more competitive, productive, resilient and drive forward Scotland’s economic recovery. This has allowed Pirie and Smith to expedite their development and include a number of Realwear HMT Navigator systems as a hands free tool for Marine Surveying.

We are thrilled to be working with Pirie and Smith and excited to be joining them on their digital journey!

“WorkfloPlus is an integral part of our Digital growth strategy as we continue to broaden our use of technology and digitise our business processes. We regard Intoware as a strategic partner in our development, and we look forward to working with them as both companies further their capabilities in their respective markets.”



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