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Customer Case Study - Shipping & Logistics

Discover how one customer optimised their stock control processes with WorkfloPlus

A major oil and gas company faced challenges completing effective stock checks of spare parts due to the complexity and time consuming processes involved. Using WorkfloPlus integrated with their Asset Management System they can now complete an entire stock check for up to 50,000 items in less than a day with a massive improvement in accuracy.

By using WorkfloPlus we can now identity what’s on-board, Captains and Engineers have complete confidence and estimate a saving of $8.5 over 5 years in better stock management, procurement, vessel operation and risk-reduction as a result.

Key Facts

  • Estimated savings of $8.5 million over 5 years in better stock management, procurement, vessel operation and risk assessment
  • Additional benefits missing from current asset management solution
  • Accurately identify 100% of all spare parts
  • Qualified data updated in real-time

A trial deployment of WorkfloPlus was started in 2015 and ran for an initial six months. These were used on 40 vessels in a fleet as part of the auditing processes to check the stock of spare parts and maintenance equipment which are critical to ensure the ship can continue to operate safely.

A bespoke version of WorkfloPlus was created, working on ECOM smartphones and a Motorola scanner. This was linked to the on-ship server using Asset Management Software. As soon as staff completed the relevant on-board check AMOS was immediately updated with the results, providing a 100% accurate position of all on-board stock items.

Intoware also created its own customised cloud-based data analytics dashboard, which allowed relevant staff in situ and also back onshore to review the captured data in real time.

The success of WorkfloPlus was evident when crew were able to scan 1500 parts in 350 locations in less than two days - with a massive improvement in accuracy and a significant cost saving to the business.

Inventory Management is now installed on all shipping vessels. The new tools and software installed provided the capability to accurately record and audit the spares at greatly reduced time - something that would have been very difficult to achieve without WorkfloPlus.

The solution is now accepted as the most effective methodology and best practice resulting in a significant change in the management of inventory on ships.


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