The Future of WorkfloPlus

What does the future hold in 2023 & beyond

A glimpse into the future…

"'I think there is a world market for about five computers' — Remark attributed to Thomas J. Watson (Chairman of the Board of International Business Machines), 1943".

How wrong that turned out to be as my house contains not only at least seven recognisable  “computers” and numerous tablets and mobile phones that run applications but also chips and boards in virtually every electronic device I have. I will claim an exception for my Vinyl turntable and “45-RPM Singles” Wurlitzer Jukebox.

The term “digital transformation” has been around for a while now but has it really reached that accelerated take off point yet? The take up is certainly moving quickly but not quite the Harrier Jet lift off - more the Jumbo accelerating down the runway. However, we believe that point is coming and the next two years will see acceleration climb.

Businesses are now seeing real time benefits from real time data. Connected workers are going to become integrated into their environment as well as with other workers and they are becoming more valuable and empowered, as they are supported by systems like WorkfloPlus.

At Intoware we understand the business benefits generated by the connected workers and that is demonstrated through the four key pillars we talk about:

  • Productivity - Connected workers using digitalised workflows increase productivity levels and time efficiency. 
  • Accountability -  Better monitoring of assets, improving Health & Safety.
  • Connectivity - Access to real time data or of “off-grid” as soon as reconnected, ability to upgrade processes instantly.
  • Simplicity - For adoption ease if implementation and ease of use is essential. Using technology that workers use in their daily lives (mobiles and tablets), improves adoption.

So expect to see further work on the user interface and reporting capabilities of WorkfloPlus. Greater configuration capabilities giving more custom fields and work item customisation. Using WorkfloPlus for daily processes and projects, there will be better oversight, management tooling with organisation mirroring and team structures.

The ability to use data ownership to greater value in both data management, making use of dynamic data. WorkfloPlus’ ability to capture granular data during a workflow will give even greater ability to be truly data-informed as a business - leading to better decision making.

WorkfloPlus could become your full CMMS (Computerised Maintenance Management System), where required. Providing ‘widget’ ‘item’ or ‘job’ oriented process flows activities, well beyond the end of the job at hand thus allowing complex business rules to be enforced by the system. This can then be used for areas such as predictive maintenance, as well as other key functions:

  • Maintenance & Repairs
  • Inspection & Quality Control
  • Health & Safety
  • Assembly & Installation
  • Training & Upskilling

Above all, Intoware will continue to develop WorkfloPlus in partnership with our customers and the technology available. Always ensuring simplicity for deployment to the connected worker, while businesses can use WorkfloPlus’ flexibility to fill in any gaps in any software they may already be tied to.WorkfloPlus provides immediate benefits but we will continue to enhance our solutions to ensure these remain relevant as companies continue their digital journey. After all it is a journey and not a destination.

WorkfloPlus a solution for Today….. and Tomorrow!

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