WorkfloPlus Remote Expert. Connect workers with remote colleagues via live audio and video links

Designed to work seamlessly with Intoware’s comprehensive WorkfloPlus Instruction platform, Remote Expert delivers a fully collaborative environment to provide teams access to augmented content to troubleshoot and rapidly resolve issues in the field by connecting workers to virtual experts. Remote Expert works across a full range of mobile devices including smartphones, tablets, computers and smart glasses, including the RealWear HMT-1.

WorkfloPlus Remote Expert Intoware


Quickly identify areas for further analysis by drawing over live or recorded video and images

Content Sharing

Share high-resolution images, video and audio recordings to help your team diagnose and solve problems

Broad Device Support

Deploy on hardened or wearable devices, smartphones, computers, and tablets
WorkfloPlus Remote Expert Intoware

Expertise whenever and wherever you need it

WorkfloPlus Remote Expert is designed to enable field workers to collaborate with colleagues via a live audio and video link. Capture and share video, annotated images and documents, and get invaluable input when an extra pair of eyes and ears are needed.

Directly share your point of view

For any situation where additional help or expertise is required, Remote Expert shares a first-person perspective of the work at hand in order to troubleshoot and resolve problems quickly.

WorkfloPlus Remote Expert Intoware
WorkfloPlus Remote Expert Intoware

Designed to work in the real world

WorkfloPlus Remote Expert is designed to work in low-bandwidth situations where cellular and wifi coverage is intermittent. The platform uses a robust back-end management solution and infrastructure that meets the needs of the most stringent IT and security environments.

Remote Expert
on Smartphones

Remote Expert runs on iOS and Android smartphones including consumer and hardened, Ex-certified devices

Remote Expert
on Tablets

Remote Expert runs on iOS, Android, and Windows tablets, bringing live video diagnostic capabilities to existing workflows

Remote Expert
on Smartglasses

Remote Expert runs on Android smart glasses, typically in ‘Field’ user mode and controlled remotely to simplify use

Remote Expert
on Computers

Remote Expert runs on Windows computers and laptops, adding specialists and teams to collaborative sessions
WorkfloPlus Remote Expert Intoware

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