Eliminate paper. Empower your workforce. Gain greater insight.

Digital instructions and onboarding for the industrial workforce

WorkfloPlus converts existing paper-based and human work processes into easy to follow, step-by-step digital work instructions accessible via desktop, mobile & wearable computing devices.

WorkfloPlus overview Intoware

Eliminate paper

Transform paper-based procedures into digital instructions accessible via any mobile or wearable device

Empower your workforce

WorkfloPlus gives workers access to the resources, information and support they need to successfully complete critical procedures

Gain greater insight

Turn insights into action with real-time data capture, easy to use reporting tools and an intuitive yet powerful dashboard

A whole new way of understanding your business processes

With paper-based processes, only the most basic information is recorded. With WorkfloPlus, businesses have the ability to capture detailed data on how each and every process is carried out – giving you a powerful new source of business intelligence.

Quick and easy to deploy

WorkfloPlus has been built to quickly integrate with existing back-end software meaning there is less expensive and time-consuming integration than with other solutions. Plus, it works across most makes of desktop, tablet, mobile and wearables.

simple to set-up

enhanced security

cross-platform support

offline and online modes

Ensure a safe and productive workplace

Your workforce is always up to date with the latest processes thanks to WorkfloPlus. Effortlessly update procedures and send notifications using the Cloud, and make sure the right instructions are followed every time. All data is captured in real-time, making checks and audits a breeze.

Choose the right WorkfloPlus product for you

WorkfloPlus is designed to be used as a single software solution built around three specific components

WorkfloPlus Instruction

One platform, limitless applications

WorkfloPlus Induction

The smart approach to staff induction and onboarding

WorkfloPlus Remote Expert

Capture and share video, audio and photos live from in the field

See how WorkfloPlus can transform your business

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