Colorado-based Carrio Cabling wanted to improve the efficiency of its assembly lines. It found that was just one of the benefits of WorkfloPlus.

Deployed in weeks, not months

The team at Carrio found that deploying WorkfloPlus took weeks, not months, and due to its ease of use, the need for staff training was minimal

No more production bottlenecks

With the ability to view the assembly line in real-time, Carrio is now able to quickly identify production bottlenecks – improving output.

Easy to create new workflows

WorkfloPlus is so easy to use, Carrio’s skilled workforce found they could create and test more efficient workflows in minutes

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  • Real-time reporting

  • Project management

  • Productivity

  • Collaboration

  • Data and insight

Carrio Cabling Corporation is a Colorado Springs-based company which designs, engineers and manufactures custom moulded cable assemblies. Founded in 1988 by Glen Carrio, Carrio Cabling Corporation has been providing custom moulded cable assemblies to the oil, military and medical industries for more than thirty years.

With between forty and fifty assemblers working on several different customer orders at one time, it is common for one assembler to change between multiple different operations within a particular assembly several times a day, each with their own instructions or procedures.

As well as replacing these paper-based processes with a digital solution, the management team also wanted a way to monitor the overall efficiency of the workforce in real-time. They hoped this would help them to identify assembly bottlenecks, as well as react quickly to any quality control issues or unforeseen problems that might slow down the assembly process.

After doing research into new solutions on the market, Carrio decided to run a trial of WorkfloPlus. In planning the trial and discussing it with the management team, it was estimated that it would take between 9-12 months to fully train staff and deploy WorkfloPlus across the business.

In fact, they found WorkfloPlus so quick and simple to use that half of the assemblers were trained and using WorkfloPlus in just six weeks.

Now the team is building at least 5 new workflows every day. The old paper-based system has been completely replaced with a digital platform with a data feed that can be analyzed in real-time. The team at Carrio now use it to generate hourly insight reports with a level of insight that was never previously possible.

“Initially the staff were hesitant to any changes to their existing approach, but quickly found using WorkfloPlus to have big benefits over the old paper-based processes. The great thing about WorkfloPlus is that you can build a workflow in 5 minutes, upload it and try it out then and there. So it’s incredibly easy to test, iterate and improve.”

“WorkfloPlus also gives our assemblers real insight into their own performance. We didn’t expect WorkfloPlus to prove to be such a useful training tool, and it’s given our workforce an unexpected but invaluable insight into their own strengths and weaknesses. It’s taken the guesswork out of how we support our staff.”

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