We are Intoware & We are 4! (An interview with Sean Hennelly)


Intoware is four today! We’re proud to have established our business and built a product that is helping our customers to improve efficiency, make gains in safety, and gain true insight into their business processes.

We caught up with our COO Sean Hennelly to find out more about what’s in store for Intoware,

Q: Intoware is celebrating its 4th year in business today, what are the plans for the next year as the company moves into its 5th year?'

Firstly, it’s a fantastic achievement that the company has seen sustained growth and has reached its fourth birthday. We continue to see growth in our revenues, and we’ve had the opportunity to build an amazing team of people. Over the next 12 months, we plan to continue our expansion, building our customer base and being the first choice partner for enabling the connected workforce.

Q: What is it like to work for Intoware?

At Intoware we are one team, and everybody is playing a vital role in the company’s development and the support we’re offering our customers. We have a great atmosphere and everybody gets along very well. Of course, there are some rules to follow - if you leave your laptop unlocked on your desk, a colleague is likely to go onto your Slack account and write “I’ll get the doughnuts!” on our company-wide chat channel. If that happens, you have to buy the doughnuts for the whole office! We personally like Doughnotts, it’s an exciting local business and they truly make the best!

Q: What are the long-term aims for Intoware?

Our vision is to be the first choice partner for enabling the connected workforce. Right now, there is a large-scale shift in the industry towards digitalisation. We are working to be the number one partner as companies look to transform the way their business works and gain the insights and efficiencies by going digital. To that end, our mission is to provide technology solutions that transform your workforce and enable data-driven continuous improvement. We’re very much focused on the return-on-investment that our customers see through working with us - we’re partners, and we win together.

Q: To what do you contribute the success of Intoware so far?

We’re very passionate about our core values at Intoware, and they drive every decision we make, whether it’s related to our customers, our partners, or our internal team. Our first value is ‘integrity’, and this means that we do what we say, and we’re not afraid to say no. Our second value is ‘innovative’, which means that we deliver today, but build for tomorrow. Our third is ‘ambitious’, and to that end, we aim to create success for everyone we work with. Our fourth value is ‘open’, the key thing being that we listen because everybody is our partner. Fifth comes ‘creative’ as we are problem solvers. Our last value is a bit of a nod to our Nottingham roots - ‘humble’ because we wouldn’t say we’re the best, but we’re definitely in the top one! These are the words of the great Brian Clough, who brought amazing success to our city.

Q: What have been the highlights of 2019 so far?

We’ve had a fantastic year as a business. Our revenue has grown significantly this year as we’ve formed some key and meaningful partnerships with new customers. We signed the largest deal in the company’s history, and we’ve also brought in some great new team members. We can’t wait to see what 2020 brings!

Thomas Yaxley