Instruction Intoware
Instruction Intoware

Instruction Overview

WorkfloPlus Instruction enables businesses to digitalise critical processes, eliminate paper and capture invaluable data in the field. Our easy to use app and online management portal enable digital instructions to be configured, deployed, utilised and continuously improved and updated. Transform the way your workforce operates and streamline your processes with a flexible software solution designed to adapt to your individual business needs.

Instruction Intoware

How it works

Instruction Intoware

1. Configure
Transform any paper-based process into an intelligent, digital workflow using our intuitive drag and drop editor.

2. Utilise
Enable your workforce to follow step-by-step instructions in the field ensuring that every task is executed correctly, efficiently and to the highest standard.

3. Deploy
Distribute instructions to your workforce and enable access to them via any mobile, wearable or intrinsically safe device.

4. Capture
Capture live data in the field. Record and analyse process performance, collect evidentiary documentation, and generate a digital audit trail.

5. Improve
Easily update and improve your processes ensuring that your entire workforce are always compliant, productive and efficient.

A seamlessly connected solution

Instruction Intoware

Connect your existing infrastructure
Easily integrate your existing systems via open API’s and webhooks in order to create a powerful closed loop solution. Connect existing BI tools, BPM solutions, HR systems and more.

Auto-generate work instructions
Migrate existing digital and paper-based work instructions to WorkfloPlus quickly and easily.

Exchange data via IoT devices
Connect external devices such as barcode scanners, beacons, thermometers and torque wrenches in order to capture and exchange live data.

Launch digital instructions via QR codes and deep links
Launch work instructions from your existing infrastructure using deep links and intelligent QR codes embedded with hidden metadata.

The Management Portal

Instruction Intoware

Create, deploy and analyse your business processes all in one place.

Asset library
Enrich your workflows with images, videos, audio and technical documentation to ensure that your workforce always have access to the information they need to complete critical tasks.

Reporting dashboard
Analyse live data captured directly from the WorkfloPlus App. Identify opportunities for improvement, review evidentiary documentation collected in the field, and keep track of completed, scheduled and aborted jobs.

Insert an approval step at any point during a workflow. Specify the approver(s) and automatically notify them when their approval is required.

Job scheduler
Assign jobs to individual members of your workforce, to entire teams or to specific locations. Specify start and end dates or schedule recurring jobs at intermittent intervals.

Conditional paths
Display instructions based on user selections and inputs to ensure that the correct procedure is always followed.

The App

Enable your workforce to follow step-by-step instructions and access real-time video assistance from remote experts, whilst you collate invaluable data to drive your business forward.

Instruction Intoware

Built with industrial workers in mind

Offline access

WorkfloPlus is fully functional when working in challenging environments with poor connectivity. Data captured via the app is automatically synced with the management portal as soon as a secure connection is established with no manual input required.

Intrinsically safe and hands-free

WorkfloPlus is accessible via mobile, tablet, wearable and intrinsically safe devices, including those created by RealWear, ecom and Vuzix.

Intuitive user interface

Enhance productivity, efficiency and safety without disrupting your workforce with time consuming training.

Guide your workforce through any process or task in order to improve compliance, reduce risk and ensure high standards of work are consistently achieved.

Reduce administration

Enable your workforce to fully optimise their time by automating repetitive tasks and eliminating data input.

Minimise walk-time

Access crucial documentation and resources in-app in order to significantly reduce walk-time and enhance productivity.

Live data capture

Capture the data that your business needs in order to record and analyse process performance, drive continuous improvement, and generate a digital audit trail.

Instruction IntowareInstruction IntowareInstruction IntowareInstruction IntowareInstruction Intoware