Induction Intoware
Induction Intoware

Induction Overview

WorkfloPlus Induction enables businesses to digitally onboard and train new employees, existing employees, contractors and visitors via a singular online platform.

Induction Intoware


Induction Intoware

How it works

Induction Intoware

1. Create
Create engaging content to ensure that your policies, procedures and company values are communicated effectively. Make use of surveys and questionnaires, videos, audio, diagrams and documents.

2. Distribute
Automatically distribute your induction materials and training modules to employees, visitors and contractors via email or SMS.

3. Track
Track progress and send automated reminders to ensure that all documentation is completed on time.

4. Capture
Capture evidentiary documentation and generate a full digital audit trail.

5. Update
Update training materials with ease and alert employees of critical changes to procedures and policies.