Our Mission

To help companies and workers unlock their true potential by digitalising billions of business processes


Many industries rely on work processes that create mountains of paper that has to be maintained and stored.

Although the way we work has already been radically changed by the internet, mobile devices and Cloud Computing, billions of business-critical tasks and processes are still paper-based. Paper-based processes are difficult to audit, can be easily lost or damaged, and are very inefficient and difficult to analyse.

Analogue processes are becoming increasingly outdated in our digital world.

In order to solve this, Intoware has created WorkfloPlus, a comprehensive data capture and process management software platform.

WorkfloPlus converts existing paper-based and human work process into easy to follow, step-by-step digital work instructions accessible via desktop, mobile & wearable computing devices.

This represents a huge opportunity for hundreds of industries to increase productivity, lower costs, improve efficiency, and capture invaluable data, and also become increasingly compliant and a safer environment to work.