Welcome to Intoware, the new name for Ikanos Consulting

WorkfloPlus by Intoware

Unifying Your Business Processes Across Wearable, Mobile & Desktop

Drag and Drop Workflow Editor

Create workflows easily using the drag and drop workflow editor. Attach documents, schematics and images, and issue alerts and notices.

The toolkit enables you to drag steps into the workflow for various actions, such as simple instruction steps, decision steps and input steps where the user is required to enter some data.

Secure Cloud and Local Hosting

WorkfloPlus stores your data securely, meeting Enterprise-class security standards. The server supports syncing, meaning that your workforcan can work offline, from anywhere.

The server can be cloud hosted, meaning that the storage and management of the server is taken care of for you. It can also be installed as a local server, fitting within your existing IT and security infrastructure.

Deploy onto Multiple Platforms

The full WorkfloPlus system is supported on a wide range of platforms from web-based and desktop, to mobile platforms such as smartphones and tablets and even wearable technologies including Google Glass.

This gives your business the flexibility it needs, and provides a roadmap to introduce wearable technology into your enterprise.

About Us

Welcome to Intoware. We are a British company exploring and delivering technology solutions to meet the rapid growth in demand for wearable technology for enterprises.

Intoware (formerly Ikanos Consulting) was founded in 2007 by a team of British software innovators, and boasts flagship products including WorkfloPlus, the first workflow solution to combine wearable, mobile & desktop.

We work with Fortune 500 companies, technology giants, and household names in industries such as enterprise computing, oil and gas, logistics, construction, aerospace, defence and security. Our solutions combine the best features of existing software with the benefits of new mobile and wearable technologies.

We are the expertise behind the Golden-i custom Android operating system, and a wide range of wearable applications, and we therefore understand the entire wearable ecosystem. [ Close ]
Mobile & Embedded
Our company background lies here and this is where we shine. We have experience with every mobile and embedded platform, and this experience is fed into our products. [ Close ]
Mobile &
Desktop applications remain a key part of many businesses, and we have the in-house knowledge to develop software for any desktop platform, and have developed our WorkfloPlus editor for desktop platforms. [ Close ]
Design & User Experience
User experience is the central facet of development of good software, and our design team have a wealth of knowledge in creating systems that are navigable and responsive. [ Close ]
Design &
User Experience UI / UX
Testing & Validation
Validation of software is a complex process, and our experienced testing team ensure quality and reliability in our products through comprehensive validation processes. [ Close ]
Testing &
Help & Support
Our expertise doesn’t stop at developing software. We provide full support to our customers, ensuring that their systems are functional and assisting with any training and other help required. [ Close ]
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